Lauren Conrad and her little sweet pea

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Every Moment Is Precious

Lauren Conrad picked up another glorious opportunity on Sunday via her powerful Instagram page, telling the story of baby Liam James Tell who’s done nothing but light up Lauren and husband, William Tell’s life since being born on July 5th, day after the fourth.

There, baby Liam is sitting on the home’s marble tile floor looking down happily with eyes almost closed, and Lauren wrote a caption above baby Liam describing Liam as one thing and one thing only, “my little sweet pea”, which describes how much Lauren loves and adores her child.

Right along the gray jumpsuit with a little pocket on the shirt top Liam’s wearing, Liam has a flower beside him, being a pink carnation that’s obviously not real, but cute enough to mark the shot that Lauren takes of her beautiful son just being happy he can be.

Put A Sock In It

Lauren Conrad’s newest style guide today shows us the many styles, looks, and selections one can find with socks, they range from statement socks that are rose socks, Dalmatians, and sheer eyes, and sock friendly sandals that come from LC Lauren Conrad, Madewell, and J. Crew.

Overnight Oats X’s 2

The crew today opened up the recipe box once again to bring us an ever-growing fast moving breakfast trend of oats done overnight, it’s pecan banana bread overnight oats, and warm cranberry apple overnight oats, all served up on ceremic dishware from The Little Market.

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