Lauren Conrad comes to us in light layers



Lighten Up

It may be a slow start to spring outside, but there’s plenty to look forward to when spring finally does arrive, like today’s style guide by Lauren Conrad that pushes light layers found in many outfits and pieces which include several of LC Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s.

LC Kohl’s includes the LC Lauren Conrad Double Ruffle Ruana, LC Lauren Conrad Paisley Block Tacked Ruana, and LC Lauren Conrad Semi-Sheer Floral Bell Sleeve Kimono, as well as the Anthropologie Cinched Kimono Blazer, Leith Ruffle Trim Trench Coat, Urban Outfitters UO Essential Kimono, and Madewell Donegal Kent Cardigan Sweater.

Light layers also include Halogen Lightweight Tie Sleeve Cardigan, Anthropologie Anya Kimono, and Free People In My Element Kimono Sweater, all qualifying to be chic to say the least without a doubt, and are ready to wear once these warm temperatures arrive, and are here to stay till October.

Spring Clean, Spring Clean, & Spring Clean

Lauren Conrad comes at us again today with 5 ways that you can do spring cleaning, aside from needing to clean up your happy abode every now and then, start by doing a tech detox of decluttering your phone from old pictures, accounts, and apps you don’t use anymore.

Also, take all them emails that you’ve been saving for a long time and file them away in a separate folder, then there’s the all important task of tackling your wardrobe by storing away your winter clothing so you can make room for spring/ summer items, removed expired food from your refrigerator and freezer and replace with fresh foods, and refresh your makeup kit by cleaning brushes, replacing brushes near death, and replacing makeup with products better for your face.

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