Lauren Conrad’s career advice to her younger self


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Can You Take Back Your Regrets?

In another story from Ask Lauren today, Lauren Conrad took time to look at 5 pieces of career advice that Lauren would tell her younger self (a.k.a. LC), those moments where Lauren wonders if decisions she made were right ones at the time.

Lauren starts her own time travel experience with not letting fear or failure stop her from reaching her goals, because failure makes one better, and always be true to the brand you are selling to the public, as well as your audience, don’t compromise your brand for a better payday.

It’s very important to trust instincts you have, whether if it’s instincts that raise a red on something, or instincts screaming it’s the right thing to do, turn your passion into an everyday work that you do which can profit for you, and don’t take you eye of the prize, which are your goals.

Love Nurseries

Lauren Conrad and team today had the Tuesday Ten filled with their favorite nurseries, starting with nurseries filled with florals, cozy and cute set ups, safari chic baby rooms, shared space, nurseries that are inspired by the beauties of nature, being trees, animals, and plants.

More nursery love includes campaigns for Molly of Kind, light and bright animal themes, the charming English country side, and nurseries inspired by the surf that are for boys and are shared with other babies in the house.

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