Lauren Conrad bust the funk of motivationally-drained



Out With It, Out With It

On Wednesday, Lauren Conrad showed the individual who finds themselves in the doldrums to a point of not doing anything like a simple task has found ways to get one’s creative juices flowing again, which don’t include hypnotizing yourself to write a book.

First thing one should do is get out of the house and hook up with friends like hang out or go to lunch, if not the biggest, one big thing you need to do is get a workout in, because those endorphins need to be released to make you feel better.

Make yourself feel good by making someone else feel good in the form of volunteering, also get inspired by reading a good book, tell all about your problems to family and friends to help you get motivated again, learn something new by taking a class, plan an exciting trip, and have fun.

Business, It’s Casual Too

Lauren Conrad on Wednesday got back to business about a fashion girl’s guide to business, but this time it’s all about the fun of business attire, taken aback from the business formal required at the at the skyscraper the other 4 work days.

Lauren starts with the dresses involving prints and colors, which can be paired with ballet flats of any color, then there sweaters and cardigans to pair up with one’s favorite dress and ballet flats, and if you don’t want a dress, get a pair of cropped pants in any color.

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