The Family of Andy Warhol to Sell Original Double Marilyn Silkscreen

WarholDoubleMarilyn3b _1_Courtesy: Andy Warhol

The Warhola Family Releases Warhol Double Marilyn for Sale

On May 17th, at Phillips, located at 450 Park Avenue, New York City, at 5 p.m.; Andy Warhol’s Double Marilyn Monroe from the 1962 series will be sold at auction.
“Warhol’s Marilyns have consistently broken records for the artist, from 1998 world record of over 17 million, to most recently, the reported private sale of over 250 million from the collection of the late S.I.Newhouse Jr.” as stated by Phillips.
“Double Marilyn was gifted to my father, Paul, Andy’s oldest brother, when he expressed that he liked it because it was different from the rest.”; said James Warhola.
It was in the Warhola household for almost 50 years.
This particular Marilyn has a mask of acra-violet on top of the left side portrait.
It’s uncertain as to why Andy chose to mask over the left side portrait.
There are many speculations.
The family (of seven siblings) decided to sell the beloved Double Marilyn because they are liquidating the estate and they want to share this unique piece of art with the world.
Warhol (who dropped the ‘a’ after his last name) had a fascination with Hollywood movie stars. His iconic Marilyn Monroe silkscreens remain a legend just like the movie star.

Daniel Quintanilla

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