Lauren Conrad reports her cravings of statement earrings



Every Little Thing Makes A Statement

There’s a lot of things Lauren Conrad craves in her little world of fashion, they can a blouse, a handbag, or a diamond, but in today’s accessory report, Lauren Conrad’s new craving turns out to be a new thing in the statement department, statement earrings.

Lauren’s statement earrings which are accessories that are believed to make or break an outfit that could be stunning otherwise include Bauble Bar Fabienne Linked Drop Earrings, LC Lauren Conrad Bird Drop Hoop Earrings, J.Crew Half-Moon Crystal Earrings, Shashi Katy Hoop Earrings, and Elizabeth Cole Flower Face Earrings.

Rather than perfect color-coded items, Lauren looks for accent colors in her statement earrings so a theme can be achieved, and it can also be found in Shashi Becca Earrings, Bauble Bar Nariah Drop Earrings, Forever 21 Tiered Floral Earrings, The Little Market Light Pink Tassel Earrings, and Tory Burch Lemon Hoop Earrings.

Dry Greening

Lauren Conrad takes stage again today with a challenge for you to go green, looking into greening your dry cleaning, starting by eliminating metal hangers because it reduces waste, using an eco-friendly dry cleaner so harsh chemicals are not used that can harm the environment.

Reducing more waste along with eliminating harsh chemicals includes asking the dry cleaner to exclude plastic material from when you pick up your dry cleaning, and read the label of your delicate clothing to see if you can wash your clothes yourself, so it reduces the need to use the dry cleaning, eliminating waste.

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