Lauren Conrad gang exploits the beauty of Kauai, Hawaii



When There’s Eminent Danger

Right now, The Washington Post reports tonight that Hawaiian government is asking for President Trump’s help on declaring Hawaii a state of disaster as volcanos continue to erupt the beloved island, causing devasting fires consuming a number of homes, possible lost of life, earthquakes, exploding boulders, and help with evacuations sooner than later.

But before danger got underway, Lauren Conrad’s people today told about Selena from Find Us Lost and her trip to Kauai, Hawaii delivering a complete travel guide to this beautiful city, exploring what makes this quiet paradise of the state beautiful.

What you’ll find in the incredible mountain landscapes, crystal clear waters, qauint restaurants, and beautiful waterfalls of Kauai, Hawaii are places to stay where the AirBnb homes offer better views than the hotels, shave ice desserts made of organic fruits, green tea, and passionfruit, and sushi joints and restaurants offering traditional Hawaiian food.

One can also swim on Kauai’s many beaches, falls, and bays, more towns, canyons, and falls to beach on, hikings, surfing lessons, paddle boarding, and helicopter rides, and make sure you have an abundant amount of swimsuits to your liking ready to go at any given moment while you holiday in Kauai, Hawaii.

I’ll Take A Mimosa….. Solid

Solid being the newest lovely libations Lauren Conrad and crew offer today allowing you to build your own ombre mimosa bar done in 3 ways.

First, there is watermelon with rose mimosa made up of sparkling rose wine and lime, then there’s sumptuous peach with prosecco mimosa of fresh peaches, processo, and lemon, and blood orange and champagne mimosa made up of champagne, blood oranges, mandarin orange, lemon, and absolutely no sugar.

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