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Beautiful At One’s Absolute Best

In this last day of May today, Lauren Conrad whipped up another edition of Ask Lauren, revealing the most important questions that Lauren receives concerning her beauty regiment, ranging from those that are very complicated, or something as simple as a wing eye tip.

Lauren’s first question is how Lauren’s beauty changed since having a baby, where Lauren says she uses cleaner beauty products that are applied quickly and require less frequency, Lauren then tells what’s in her makeup bag right now, being BB cream, skin cream, SPF 50+, mascara, and Kristin Ess Hair Water.

Lauren then reveals the beauty product she cannot live without, it’s Egyptian Magic which Lauren uses to moisturize, remove eye makeup, and keep on lips all day, Lauren loves long hair because it’s more herself, but loves short hair since it’s easier to maintain, and there’s no beauty routine on off days.

Let’s Go To Charleston, South Carolina

Lauren Conrad and team turn to The Far and Near to give the low down on Charleston, South Carolina, staying in fabulous hotels, eating in exquisite and simple places along with drinking, and doing all kinds of activities for a better experience.

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It’s A Tease

Kristin Cavallari continues to push her upcoming new E! series, “Very Cavallari” for its premiere on Sunday, July 8 at 10 p.m. EDT/ 9 p.m. CDT, Kristin says she’s running a business, and she has no problem firing anybody because she’s not running a sorority.

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