Lauren Conrad constructs very short story about her fitness experience


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A Shapely Mini-Tall Tale

As Lauren Conrad revealed today June’s theme being a month to shape up, Lauren went into confession mode about her fitness regiments, coming to the realization first off that she is no fitness buff despite what many believe, and what truly works in Lauren’s favor.

Lauren admits in all the tips and advice Lauren shares regularly with the world, Lauren’s not one who sticks by them very long, Lauren says she sometimes may find herself excited to sign up for a boot camp workout class at 6 a.m., only to quit on it 2 days later.

In the end, what works for Lauren Conrad as far as fitness is concerned are committing to realistic goals, finding she does better being flexible and gentle, Lauren still stays active taking workout classes a couple times a week with friends, going on hikes and long walks, chasing after her son, Liam, staying strong, and having a healthy attitude toward fitness.

Lauren intends to pass her realistic goals to the world offering up tools and information to be in great shape this summer, a sample keto meal plan, post-workout primp, chic workout clothes and shoes, and health and wellness audio books.



Sailboat Manicures

With inspiration from the upcoming June collection of LC Lauren Conrad, Lauren Conrad and crew today looked to Olive & June to create a sailboat mani, which can stick around all summer long or longer, and a step by step process where one can create this mani at home.

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