Lauren Conrad unloads breakdown on hats



Put A Hat On It

Today, Lauren Conrad delivered on another accessory report, laying down the law on the coolest hats in the land, those fine fashion companions that one puts on their head for reasons like blocking out the sun, look like a hoodlum, or by stylish.

Lauren starts out with panama hats resembling bucket hats that are perfect for a weekend getaway or no matter where you’re going, coolness factors are found in classic and cool baseball caps showing off fun and team pride, plus wide brim straw hats that are also found in the LC Lauren Conrad collection.

Hats coolness continues with the fisherman caps (a.k.a. engineer hats) that’s said to be the ultimate cool girl’s hat taken into evergreen times and cooler months, boater hats with the stiff brim and the chic ribbon detail, and visors making a comeback giving face time shade to block out the sun.

The Best Legging For Tight Butt Exercise

Lauren Conrad’s team today searches for activewear that are perfect for doing different workouts at the gym, like yoga with sandals or flip flops, high waisted leggings, sports bra, yoga mat, and water bottle to keep hydrated, especially with bikram.

Spin is sports bra, leggings, tank top, towel, and socks to go good with spin shoes you better not forget, barre & pilates include the bare minimum of leggings and t-shirt with a bottle of water, and circuit training with shorts or leggings, a breathable shirt, and proper shoes to prevent injury.

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