Lauren Conrad celebrates the 4th Of July

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Thank God We Have Freedom

Today is Independence Day, Lauren Conrad, Daniel plus Lauren, and the rest of the United States Of America are celebrating the 242nd birthday of this long-running nation of what ought to be done for the people of our civilization, that’s life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Our founding fathers risked their lives and reputation to form this great nation we live in today, it took long hard years to draw up the Declaration of Independence, then a fight to sign it, and the last step to make it final, creating a republic we must keep.

The fight for our country to keep its existence continues on day in and day out, it goes on in the White House, it goes on in Congress, and it goes on with our soldiers who make the ultimate sacrifice everyday, just so we can be a free country.

And with our citizens, the fight for our national security continues on as well, with movements that helps to shape our nation in the right direction, along with joining other nations so that we can continue toward progress, and not forget what the United States of America is all about.

So with the hot dogs, the hamburgers, the watermelon, the beer, the potato and macaroni salad, and the toasted marshmallows with the fireworks this evening, remember why this country exist, and do your part in the best, necessary, and right way possible to keep celebrating this nation for a very long time.

Daniel Quintanilla

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