Lauren Conrad blossoms edible flower popsicles



Roses Are Yummy

Lauren Conrad turned over the goodness of her site today to her good culinary friend, Claire Thomas, to make an unprecedented, healthy, and as well as a refreshing and tasty frozen treat which Claire calls edible flower popsicles made entirely from scratch, and with love.

Claire’s Kitchy Kitchen conceives these pops with coconut water worth 2 cups, a quarter cup of rose syrup, flowers that you can eat, paleta molds with popsicle sticks, and these are just the popsicles, the rose syrup is made up of a half a cup of sugar, a half a cup of water, and a teaspoon of rosewater.

On these edible flower popsicles, The Little Market lays out the pops on ceremic trays, Moroccan woven stool, and Ethiopian hand towel that’s made from female artisans around the world, and not only do they taste good, but they’re too beautiful to eat.

Courtesy: E! via YouTube

A Good Husband He Is

Kristin Cavallari provided a snippet today of husband, Jay Cutler’s, devotion to his loving wife as he helped Kristin move all her office stuff over to the new Uncommon James store in the next episode of “Very Cavallari” this Sunday on E!

Though Jay has his reservations about the logistics of moving things and the help involved, Jay goes on as always to make Kristin happy in her moment of madness while launching a brand-new store in Nashville that’s become an already successful line in its short lift that is Uncommon James.

Daniel Quintanilla

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