Kristin Cavallari sets it straight at Uncommon James on ‘Very Cavallari’

Courtesy: E! Entertainment YouTube Channel

It’s What A Boss Does

Not hiring Shannon’s best friend, Taylor, pretty much made life a little more unpleasant for Shannon, as Kristin Cavallari demonstrated Sunday night on E!’s¬†“Very Cavallari”, Shannon was vividly upset about Kristin decision, so Shannon called a meeting with Kristin.

In the meantime, Kristin’s hubby, Jay Cutler, got Kristin ready for the fact that they are moving to a new home, filling Kristin in on learning how to operate a tractor, a tractor because Kristin fears that they are going to be raising chickens in their new humble abode.

On the lighter side of Kristin’s life, Kristin excitely awaits a phone calls from her best friend, Kelly, who tells about her date with a Canadian guy, even though there’s no definite details about the romantic night out, Kristin and Kelly are both excited about Kelly’s new dating life ahead.

Back over to the drama at hand, Kristin finally deals with the issue of hiring best friends in the work place, Kristin didn’t hire Shannon’s friend, Taylor, because there’s a chance for clicks to form, leading to more drama over the course of time, so Kristin’s bottomline is if the drama doesn’t stop, then they’re not going to be working for Kristin anymore.

Courtesy: E! Entertainment YouTube Channel

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