Lauren Conrad’s things to do before summer’s over



Get To The Beach Before It’s Out Of Season

Yes, we’re crossing that time where it’s getting dark earlier by the day, and the sunrises are back within the 6 a.m. hour, and it’s a day away from August, it only means that summer’s almost over, so Lauren Conrad and crew’s Tuesday Ten today challenge you to take up lots before Labor Day.

First, avoid the oven at all costs so you can eat cold meals like salads from all different plants and animals (the original couple to gossip about in school), shop for fruits and vegetables that are only in season, go surfing, walk barefoot anywhere you can, and read up on poetry.

Next, in those places you can walk barefoot, go too an entire weekend without driving, start a gratitude journal of 3 to 5 things you’re grateful for, go to an outdoor concert, color up your tresses, and make a no-bake dessert.

What Makes Your Face Look Good?

In a simple breakdown of facial care, Lauren Conrad and crew today compare and contrast chemical exfoliants with physical exfoliants, there’s obviously a world of difference to be looked at, but only one has great benefits in the long run.

Physical exfoliants are very affordable, but you must keep up with it a couple times a week, and avoid ones that have fruit pits and shells, chemical exfoliants are expensive, but are great if you suffer from acne, rosacea, and eczema, they reach deeper into the skin, they either can be done at home, or done professionally every six weeks that give outstanding results.

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