Lauren Conrad solves the copycat friend problem



See Yourself Without The Mirror

Lauren Conrad got thrown a bit of a curve ball today with her Ask Lauren piece, Lauren got a question she never encountered before, what to do with a friend of yours that copies exactly everything you do, down to the Starbucks Latte, or baby’s name.

Flattery’s highest form comes from imitation, it’s like a compliment at the right time, but not everyone likes it when someone else copy’s what they do, it can be insulting, embarassing, or even downright scary (something out well-known movie thrillers like “Single White Female” or “The Roommate”).

One of the best solutions Lauren comes up with is keeping certain things like baby names or dresses to yourself until after the fact that they have been revealed, another way to solve the problem is sit down with your BFF about how you truly feel when they copy exactly what you do.

Working In The Abode

Lauren Conrad a crew today provide constructive ways that one can work from home, without all the typical daily chores in the house that can easily distract you, start with creating a separate and inspiring work space that immediately gets you in the work zone.

Next, schedule the amount of time you’re gonna spend working while working at home so you don’t end up working around the clock, eat regular healthy meals when you’re suppose to, separate personal to-do lists from your work to-do lists, and set time that you spend with spouse and family while working at home.

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