Lauren Conrad’s true way to wash your hair



The Meaning Of Shampoo & Conditioner

Lauren Conrad today laid down the laws about washing your hair, Lauren first could not stress enough that one is not suppose to wash their hair every single day, one is suppose to go several days between shampoos, and conditioning on all days.

The laws of shampoo according to Lauren are not only several days in between, but that it’s meant to cleanse your scalp, and it must be cleansed very well which allows for non-use several days, shampoo is not meant to be used on the tresses and strands because it does damage.

Conditioner is exaxtly the opposite, it only must be used on strands and tresses, only apply to two-thirds of your hair, and leave it in for 2 to 3 minutes, and that’s why clarifying shampoo comes in handy once a month so it removes build-up from conditioner after several days of use.

For Daniel plus Lauren, since yours truly runs on the treadmill everyday, and sometimes does hot bikram yoga every now and then, washing their hair after very sweaty workouts is absolutely necessary, followed by applying coconut oil in their hair (sans conditioner) after damp drying their hair before combing it.

The Little Market Of Candles

Today’s Tuesday Ten by Lauren Conrad’s lovely ladies has a favorite list of scented candles exclusively from The Little Market, you can smell the scents of plumeria, coconut, churro, rose, sugar, peony, champagne, Laguna Beach, clementine, and birthday cake out of Lauren’s worldly artisans.

Daniel Quintanilla

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