Lauren Conrad gets into the lineup of September


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How Do We Want Our Fall?

Summer still stems until September 22 technically, but we’ve already moved on from the season as of today, Lauren Conrad has done the same alike with this edition of Letter From Lauren that goes into September Fall Fashion while summer still winds down.

For us in the fashion industry, September is not only our January, but it is the most important month because all the new fall collections are now up for sale, and we get to see what we’ll be wearing next spring and summer, and so New York Fashion Week begins.

Lauren’s agenda this month includes total fashion coverage, LC Lauren Conrad Kohl’s trenchcoat styled in 3 ways, flattering jeans, size inclusive brands, and there’s a new addition to the family over at Team LC with fashion contributor, Gavyn Taylor, who will be covering New York Fashion Week behind the scenes top to bottom.

September will also see a big change over at, where roundup type content will be done away with, and original content from photo shoots will now play a key role, where post will be lessened, but will be more in-depth with more beautiful imagery, and a ramp up of the newsletter.

Bring On The Fall

September Style Tips immediately got underway today as those of us desperately either shake off or hold up to the summer, it’s emerald green, repurposed cardigan, tons of florals, lemon hues, blue ensembles, maxi dresses, high-waisted pants, off-the-shoulder dresses, pink gingham, and red.

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