Felix Gray chats up about its computer glasses at AWS Loft

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Computer Glasses Are Fun

Felix Gray gave an overview tonight about its computer screen glasses line at the AWS Loft in lower Manhattan here in New York City, starting in a panel of 3 gentlemen with a moderator asking common questions about the Felix Gray line, as well as their business structure.

Felix Gray set itself out on a mission to create computer glasses that did 2 things, one is make computer glasses that are stylish and cool, taking the stigma out of computer glasses where it’s only reserved for geek/ nerds, two is making computer glasses that are not too pricey, where everyone can afford to have cool eyes, and be chic looking at screens all day.

Felix Gray makes their computer glasses to fit 2 types of glasses, one are glasses that are nonprescription, and two are glasses specifically for prescription, it’s all about learning, knowing, and understanding who your consumer is.

Felix Gray glasses are amazingly light weight according to those who tried them on tonight at their display table, and Daniel plus Lauren tried on their lightweight glasses, appreciating not only the coolness of wearing glasses when you don’t need to, but learning that Felix Gray blocks out blue light glare caused by screens, which can damage your pupils, leading to the little things like red eye.

It all begins with guerilla marketing, a sure fire and steady way to make a conclusing about your customer base, learning and discovering real quickly of structure needed to make the business grow, such as realizing you need to raise your limitation to an unlimited status for building your website so you avoid the website crashing when you get to 1,000, as the team of Felix Gray realized early on.

The only way for Felix Gray to realize its success, and knowing what kind of computer glasses to make for those staring at a desktop, laptop, or even your phone all day is to know where the need for Felix Gray comes from, and it’s the office where the need for Felix Gray was born, because people need relief from strained eyes, headaches, and blurry vision, so they’re able to focus better, and be more productive at work.

Felix Gray strives on hiring the right people who not only can run their company the right way for Felix Gray to succeed, but who loves what they do, very passionate about Felix Gray, and has the ability to think through a problem.

Daniel Quintanilla

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