Lauren Conrad revved up for October



A Scary-Spooky Month Ahead

It’s hard to believe that October’s come back around once again, there’s so much ghosts, gobbling, and other scary stuff in the air that no one knows what to expect when Halloween comes around, Lauren Conrad today lays down this month in lawful fashion.

Lauren’s definitely got a few tricks up her sleeves, starting with the cutest Halloween soirees that Lauren and her team have yet to see, Lauren’s favorite color plays a key role in the upcoming soirees planned, and the soirees will begin as early as this week so it’s not a long wait to party.

And you know the pumpkin itself lies to be a very big inspiration for Lauren in the fall, so Lauren will have a double-dose of pumpkin ideas instead of just one for one’s best Jack O’ Lantern, look out too for pumpkin recipes going good with pumpkin spice latte.

Even LC Lauren Conrad will play a key role in dressing up for Halloween this year, as Lauren has 3 ways for one to use LC Kohl’s to dress up, and along with comfort playing a key role with LC Lauren Conrad, Lauren will have her big annual costume reveal for Halloween.

Let’s not leave out another good part of this, Daniel plus Lauren along with Lauren Conrad will dress up as always this year, revealing 3 ladylike costumes from the hottest nightclubs in New York City for the 8th year in a row, as those hotspots take center stage in pieces posted by yours truly.

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