Lauren Conrad’s Halloween party in blush pink



Blush Decorated In Crypt

In the first of many Halloween soirees Lauren Conrad and team are throwing, Royale Ziegler kicked it off today with a blush pink Halloween party, having all the fixings needed to make this cute and cozy, with the latter coming from LC Lauren Conrad.

Picture this, everything you think about Halloween that is scary, skeletons, tombstones, ghouls, and so forth, these searing images in our mind that scare us for a lifetime whether it’s Halloween or not are given a touch of pink to take the edge off our trumatizing moments as little tykes.

Thanks to Royale’s But First, Party, these skeletons and tombstones that get a nice dip of true blush pink as their new color, replacing a tombstone’s typical gray, and a skeleton’s typical faded white that only Halloween can enhance in that very scary moment while sitting in a haunted hay ride.

That’s not the case today, blush skeletons and tombstones are accompanied by touring cakes with ghosts drawlings on the frosting, cake pops and frosted cake donuts galore, booze of pink champagne and spirits, tons of balloons in moons, stars, and ghouls toned in blush, orange, silver, pink, and lavender, and decorated plates and utensils to flunt the haunt.

But the coziest part of this blush pink Halloween party Lauren Conrad and crew have thrown come from the new LC Lauren Conrad Weekend Collection at Kohl’s, with its loungewear of sweaters, blouses, and color-popping pants that make the celebration easier to enjoy, and for a good time to happen faster.

Daniel Quintanilla

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