Lauren Conrad’s photos of The Little Market store opening


Courtesy: The Little Market

Feel The Artisan

It was a big moment for Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla 12 days ago as they took The Little Market, and opened their first brick and mortar store in Pacific Palisades, California, so Lauren Conrad documented on Wednesday with photographs from the grand opening.

Once you walk into The Little Market store located in Palisades Village, the set up at the entrance of the store is only a jist of the beautiful work one will see from the artisans, an array of colors popping at you in every direction poured over the many pieces available.

The colors come out especially in TLM’s kitchen offerings like cups, mugs, dishes, dish towels, water glasses, and wine glasses, you’ll also find the standard white, gold, and clear done beautifully starting with the dishes crafted in unique designs, clear water glasses with a touch of sculpture and blue, and gold-plated silverware.

These artisan works are breathtaking for a reason, because the female artisans put their heart and soul into each and every piece they make, so millions around the world will buy their work, and be able to support themselves, and their families, thriving on a living wage.

Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla have been waiting for this moment quite awhile now, and it has finally come to life, Lauren and Hannah could not be more happier that this has become a reality, and both celebrated with their family and friends last week as females continue to be empowered.

Daniel Quintanilla

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