Concurrence presents its art exhibit in Brooklyn’s Dumbo district

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The Art Of New York

Right at the waterfront here in the Brooklyn part of New York City tonight, and by the Brooklyn Bridge no less, Daniel plus Lauren went to the Dumbo district where Empire Stores here on 55 Water Street, Brooklyn, NY had an art gallery called Concurrence.

By definition according to the art gallery, concurrence is two or more things occuring simultaneously, an exercise in the presentation of fine art through commerce.

Concurrence is common in the modern marketplace for art to be used as a tool of branding to attract more aesthetic, or emotive consumers.

In curating this exhibit, the object was to show that art can exist in tandem with commerce and still be inspiring and enriching.

A viewer can find art in an unexpected place, and have a unique and genuine experience with it, which they discovered through the separate experience of shopping.

This disrupts the idea of using art as a marketing tool, and encourages a collaborative ecosystem of expression in the free market.

Concurrence featured 5 artists who are Gentlemen’s Game, Hydeon, Gui ‘Erasmo’, Machado, Gil Goren, Morgan Lappin, and Terence Finch.

Right here in the Empire Stores of Dumbo, these artist exhibits are made possible by Gallery 55, a gallery space that exhibits photographs and other works by local artists, there’s also help from The Very Warm, a men’s and women’s clothing collection built around the art, and attitude that respresents New York City in the most urban and realistic way possible.

Daniel Quintanilla

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