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TGIN (Thank Goodness It’s November)

Today may be TGIF, but Lauren Conrad and her team are more than grateful that Thanksgiving’s just around the corner, so this week’s edit includes a few things one can do to get ready for the holidays, as well as Turkey Day recommendations.

Lauren starts out the list with her very own LC Lauren Conrad Passion High Heels with their transitional boot value and buttoms for a polished look, Lauren also stumbled upon  a great Thanksgiving starter with the POPPYjack Shop Thanksgiving Table in a Box which anybody is more than grateful for, and “Three Identical Strangers”, which is a documentary from Amazon about triplets coming together by chance.

Lauren passes the paton at The Edit with Team LC taking note of Lauren’s very own again with LC Lauren Conrad Sweater Knit Birdseye Slipper Shots that complement fall nights in, Moscow Mules are also in fashion this season as Team LC finds Hammered Copper Moscow Mule Cups, and let’s meet Allyson Dinneen, who has @NotesFromTheTherapist on Instagram with insightful thoughts for people to take in each day of their lives.

The Edit continues with H&M and their V-Neck Button Down Blouse or romantic sleeves and lace embellishments, TED Talk who presents “Mac Barnett: Why A Good Book Is A Secret Door” can be heartwarming for a child, Thanksgiving needs a good tabletop with Anthropologie Artificial Plants that brighten up one’s eating space, and one always needs exfoliation with The Little Market Sugar Scrub in Coconut.

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