Lauren Conrad fishtails hair for Thanksgiving



Scale-Free, Odor-Free, & Oil-Free

Not all fishes are messy or hard to clean, especially when there’s absolutely no fish on the table, some fishes you can easily style and turn into a beauty phenomenon, like what Lauren Conrad today relies on Amber Fillerup Clark to do with her no-fuss fishtail.

In this tutorial, the Barefoot Blonde that is Amber comes up with a perfect style you know you wanna take to dinner tomorrow for Thanksgiving, especially if you’re the one who’s hosting Thanksgiving with the family, so it’s the utmost important that you look your best after you’ve slaved over a hot stove and oven.

There are 2 ways to do a fishtail in spite of it being difficult to task, the first is take a small outside section from one of the larger sections and cross it over to the other section, and keep repeating in other sections until reach is smaller.

The other way with styling the fishtail is doing the exact same thing but crossing the hair under, making the fishtail look a little different, as well as the fishtail looking big and full after you have crossed hairs over or under, with the final touch of pulling on the outside of the loops to add volume.

The worst-possible scenario with your Thanksgiving day look is spending so much time in the kitchen with the stuffing and the turkey, and not getting to show off what’s best about you, so it’s imparative you take a moment for yourself while the turkey’s cooking.

Daniel Quintanilla

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