Lauren Conrad’s fall festive with The Edit


Nothing But The Fall

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, and today is Black Friday, Lauren Conrad and crew take a moment today to appreciate the best that fall has to offer, with The Edit bringing about the items and pieces that celebrate fall for what it is.

Lauren starts out with her finds if you’re planning to throw a baby shower, it’s a celebration of the classic children’s book “Where the Wild Things Are” Baby Shower via A Good Affair with a theme that’s dreamy and sophisticated, which brings out all the memorable settings of the book.

Lauren continues on with fall festive download designs that encourage you to eat more pie or to marvel at the changing colors of the falling leaves with is key for one’s iPhone or desktop, though pie may be the last thing on your mind today after eating so much of it yesterday for Thanksgiving.

Lauren then turns to her good friend and hair stylist, Kristin Ess, for the latest style to twinkle one’s hair, it’s night sky inspired hair based on a starry eyed night which Lauren wore recently to a gala, and easily slides right into upcoming holiday parties.

The Little Market jumps into the fall festive celebration with The Little Market woven vases colored in natural hue, and LC Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s picks out the perfect blouse to stand out in the true form of fall, it’s their print bell-sleeve chiffon top in autumn hues, this one is cascade penley plum.

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