Lauren Conrad and family get ready for Christmas

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It’s Never Too Early

Yes, holiday decorations are going up across the country, whether it’s on the day after Thanksgiving, the day before, or this week, Lauren Conrad was no different right after the last dish from the turkey day dinner was cleaned up on Thanksgiving night.

It all started Thanksgiving Day with Lauren wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving as Lauren took a picture by the ocean and the rocks with William Tell holding baby Liam James by his side pointing out to the ocean with Liam looking onto the the great big world in front of him.

The next day on Black Friday, the first true day where the holiday season starts without Thanksgiving in the way, is where husband, William goes outside the house up on the ladder to officially start the holiday season at the Tell household by hanging up the holiday lights.

And finally, Lauren Conrad and William Tell do something special with their only child so far by going to the local Christmas tree farm out in the country where Lauren and all them are to shop for the Christmas Tree that will go up, and stay up for the entire season, and little Liam James Tell is the first one of the 3 to find a tree.

Daniel Quintanilla

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