Lauren Conrad’s gift guide for your family


Courtesy: Tracy Layne Photography

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Lauren Conrad truly gets started with the gift guides today which is the first of many to come throughout the holiday season, but for the first time, Lauren has gifts devoted to the ones who made your existance possible, gifts for the entire family.

What better way to start out a family gift guide is with a Custom Family Portrait – Floral Edition by Celeste Clark that can be personalized every step of the way, a portrait that uses each family member’s birth month flower, creating a whole new meaning mixed in with beautiful artwork.

From the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), it’s the MoMA Design Store Colorful Backgammon Set that’s perfect for family game night, then comes to Fox Bairn Wood Family Tree with a slice of real wood carving out the family, and LC Lauren Conrad Family Jammies that even dad can get in on the fun on.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, and it’s no less than that with the Artifact Uprising Photo Books that’s fun and easy to put together, there’s no better way to brag about your family than with a PoppyJack Shop Custom Family Doormat, and a Homesick Candle that reminds you of the city and state you came from.

Now your family has unique talents that no one else has, show it off with The Little Market The Chef Gift Box for those that love food, True Botanicals Aromatherapy when family gets stressful, and wrap it all up with your very own family portait from a local photographer that’s good, and near you.

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