Artisans’ Gate previews its new restaurant on New York’s West 57th

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A Night To Enjoy Fine Food

Artisans’ Gate had plenty to celebrate on Tuesday night, as Artisan’s Gate gave a preview of its brand-new restaurant on the corner of 57th Street and 7th Avenue here in New York City, with fine samples of dishes and drinks to an invitation only crowd.

There’s a big mission behind Artisans’ Gate, and it’s not just the food and drink itself, Artisans’ Gate stems its origins from one of the entrances to Central Park which has its own names after the people who proudly built New York City, and the Artisans’ Gate entrance into Central Park happens to be 2 blocks away from this new restaurant holding its namesake.

Artisans’ Gate is all about being artisanal, using local vendors not only for all its food, but for dessert and drink as well, one thing that Daniel plus Lauren wants to point out is the bread comes from Balthazar’s Bakery.

And the delicious bread with essence of olive oil that Daniel plus Lauren ate last night was made in-house right there at the restaurant that same day for last night’s preview, the Italian luncheon meats also eaten by yours truly that were salami, capocollo, soppressata, coppa, and prosciutto were so fresh and delicious.

Fish also played a very big role for Artisans’ Gate Tuesday night with wonderful and delicious presention of fishes, such as scallops that were amazing, several samples of fine New York Clam Chowder without all the cream involved like in New England Clam Chowder, NYCC’s all about the fish, capers, olives, and vegetables that go with it.

A lovely sample too were what could be tiny oyster bread bites with fresh cheese sauce made in-house, shots of soup with basil and fish as well, and donuts done in a whole new way made very tiny that were glazed in chocolate, and held up with a chocolate disk.

All these fine foods are prepared by Chef Marko Ristovic, who brings to Artisans’ Gate a passion for cooking that began while attending medical school in his homeland of Serbia, who realized that food and joy heal someone just as much as medicine.

One of the most fascinating facts yours truly learn last evening was that Artisans’ Gate use to be a cafe, but changed to what it is now, and it’s under the same ownership as it has been for the last 37 years.

Daniel plus Lauren cannot wait to return to Artisans’ Gate after it opens, where it’s said to also have to best burgers in midtown, but on an elevated, upscale level.

Daniel Quintanilla


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