Twelv Magazine celebrates the holidays with Public Hotel soirée

Christmas, The Nightclub Way

If you’ve ever wondered how New York City’s Manhattan and its nightclub industry celebrate the holidays, then this is your first indication, Twelv Magazine went all out Wednesday evening and into the wee hours today as Daniel plus Lauren ventured up to Public Hotel on Chrystie Street in Lower Manhattan for this nice little holiday party.

Arriving at approximately 11:45 p.m. onto Manhattan’s lower east side where Public Hotel lies, Daniel plus Lauren checked themselves into a packed house of revelers getting in as much of a good time as possible with lots of drinks either with a few friends, venturing out by themselves, or in a group of friends reserving their very own table getting in all the bottle service one’s table can get, even ordering trays of food for table friends that desired it, given that it is a hotel, and a hotel does more than serve drinks.

Over at the main bar, one more than likely couldn’t order food, but most weren’t looking to eat anyway, it was more about the beer, wine, cocktails, champagne, whiskeys, hard liquors, and even a mimosa thrown in like yours truly did after 2 beers. 

For Twelv, it was deja vu as Twelv made itself at home on Public Hotel’s rooftop just 6 weeks before for their big Halloween bash, where yours truly had partaken in, which was out of sight like the holiday party last night.

Daniel Quintanilla

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