Lauren Conrad with champagne flavored dessert for New Year’s Eve


The Wonders of Champagne

Champagne has become the living and breathing fountain of reliance when it comes to celebrations like New Year’s Eve, a new beginning, an ending, a job promotion, graduation, and so many other holidays we come across, champagne stretches even further beyond getting tipsy at midnight, Lauren Conrad and her crew today are making champagne flavored desserts.

Team Lauren once again puts their reliance on resident baker, Lauren Lowstan, of A Sweet Savory, who puts together these boozy desserts consisting of a multi-layered pink champagne cake and cupcakes made with sparkling wine, the booze goes twofold as the boozy pastries get paired up against glasses of rose.

The cake and cupcakes start with the batter, and it’s very important that this cake has 3 cups of butter, granulated sugar, egg whites, buttermilk, vanilla, cake flour, baking soda, baking powder, salt, and food coloring, which make for the possibility of pink champagne or sparking rose to rain on this dish.

The buttercream for the cake reacts as both the sweetest thing and the lovely second banana on a champagne cake, it all comes together with room temperature unsalted butter, a little salt, powdered sugar, vanilla extract, heavy cream, and food coloring.

As you decorate this delicious champagne cake and cupcakes with whith coarse sandy sugar and fancy sprinkles, the cake soak is the most important as it gets a good bath with three quarter cups of pink champagne and/ or sparkling rose to go along with the champagne when 2018 becomes 2019.

Daniel Quintanilla

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