Lauren Conrad capsule wardrobe for each month

Courtesy: Kohl’s

A Closet Not Clogged With Clothes?

It’s an impossible thought to even think about, but imagine a closet that is not filled with a boatload of tops, bottoms, dresses, and scarves from the roof to the floor, it’s called a capsule wardrobe, Lauren Conrad starts off the week today explaining the wonderful benefits of having a capsule wardrobe.

What a capsule wardrobe does is make it possible for one to not only limit the amount of clothes in one’s closet, but separates the high quality from the low quality, allowing you to lay out only the staples you need for each month starting now in January, and going all the way up until December, and you start the process again for each year forward.

Since capsule wardrobe apparently now is a buzzword in the fashion industry, it’s best that one begins their budget this month with neutral pumps, ballet flats, and/ or loafers, you always need a nice sweater in February, a trench coat or light coat in March, an oversized cardigan in April, black shirts and pants in May, and the perfect t-shirt and/ or Brenton Striped shirt in June.

Once the summer comes, July is a perfect time to break out those white sneakers in season, a button-down shirt in August, autumn brings on the the perfect fitting jeans in September, riding boots or ankle booties for full-fledged October, blazer of any neutral color in November, and have that little black dress in store for next year’s holiday parties and New Year’s Eve shindigs along with a slip dress or jumpsuit in December.

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