Lauren Conrad’s pre-Valentine’s Day The Edit


Calm, Then Love

Yes, it’s the weekend before Valentine’s Day arrives next Wednesday, there’s things to do here and there before we set up our little day or night out with either our girlfriends or our significant other, it all comes down to love, but little things need to be done first like time for yourself, and enjoying what the weekend before has to offer outside the day of love, so The Edit today with Lauren Conrad and crew offer up simple things to enjoy.

Lauren starts off the edit in direct fashion by finding things from Earth where you can create your wall plants by looking to a DIY Living Plant Wall Installation via Inspired By This to take up any unused space that’s been lying on the wall for quite sometime.

It’s very important to keep one’s hair (especially yours) hydrated day in and day out, as well as enhancing its beauty while you sleep, so Lauren always go to her friend, Kristin Ess, who provides Weightless Hydration Daily Scalp + Hair Mask without all the grease.

Think about Valentine’s Day in terms of wine, it’s red, and it’s white, and everything in between in now rose, so think about Lauren’s next pick this week with furniture coming in rose gold or good copper that’s easily found in Atelier Gustavo Bittencourt to make the holiday or the everyday more worth living.

Along with homemade guacamole, dogs singing, a waffle robe, and a jumpsuit from LC Lauren Conrad, humanity is found with The Little Market x This is About Humanity PURPOSEfull Tote where one can carry themselves in the most upstanding way everyday.

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