American Ballet Theatre & Equinox hold ABT X EQUINOX class at The Shed with Lauren Post

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Life Is Dance

Daniel plus Lauren (yours truly) got to be apart of a special ballet class today provided by American Ballet Theatre with Equinox at The Shed at Hudson Yards here in New York City where many came out to the two sold-out classes that were held today, both by ABT’s Kathryn Boren and Lauren Post, who are prominent dancers with the prestigious ballet company that’s molded and shaped the world of ballet for 80 years, yours truly was very lucky to be apart of Lauren’s class as the morning ended and the overcast afternoon began.

Ballet enthusiasts would not be the proper words to use for someone who’s taken ballet all, most, or part of their life, like ballet, the proper and only words to say would be ballet dancers, ballet students, and even practitioners of ballet, those alike all came out including yours truly who recognized the terminology used in ballet, there were parallels, first position, second position, portabras, pointed, and flexed feet, and jumps leading the way as Lauren’s class was met with a touch of aerobic style in burst of cardio while arabesque, swan arms, turns, swan legs, and kick ball change were there to keep the ballet dance organic.

Afterwards, Lauren sat down with Equinox’s health newser, Furthermore, to talk about what led Lauren to join ABT during mid-season back in January 2008, Lauren originally had no intention of making ABT her permanent home, but Lauren was encouraged to audition for ABT, and got on board with the company surprisingly, which is one of the rare cases where doing what your boyfriend does actually works.

Even 6 months pregnant as of this moment, Lauren continues to practice ballet with ABT, where in normal circumstances, the life of a ballet dancer on a daily basis is starting the day with a company class that last 105 minutes, followed by rehearsal from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. for any given production taking place with ABT, dancers do get breaks in-between to build up their strength, and eat as much calories as they can to keep their stamina up.

With the Equinox philosophy of building your best body through science, proper eating, rest, training, and regeneration, companies like American Ballet Theatre do their very best to incorporate strength training with all the cardio exercise that’s intensely involved with ballet so the right amount of muscle mass, and calories are taken in.

Another valuable lesson learned from Lauren today is that ABT stays true to the original practice of classical ballet, as well as return to incorporating strength training with ballet as dancers like Lauren need to stay strong, getting in leg strength exercises, cross training, and weight lifting, especially with men who are constantly lifting their female partners during performance, and practice.

Being an accomplished ballet dancer like Lauren Post demands one to live a high performance life, and Equinox where Lauren is proudly a member of (DpL also), delivers the utmost standard of fitness and lifestyle to those who live a high performance life day in and day out, Equinox will also be a big part of Hudson Yards beginning next month as Equinox Hotels opens up.

The world of ballet at large is perceived to be something you’d see on movies like “Black Swan”, “Center Stage”, or other movies or TV shows alike, it’s quite the contrary says Lauren where it’s nothing less than a loving environment where one helps the other grow, and vice versa.

The practice of ballet with its rules, regulations, and movements will continue to be as it’s been for centuries, but the proper training that ABT and Equinox provides, and the awareness made by dancers like Lauren Post, Kathryn Boren, and Misty Copeland, who’s also apart of ABT, will ensure that injuries and permanent damage are minimized.

Daniel Quintanilla

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