Lauren Conrad reminisces of ‘The Hills’ with Sophia Rossi on ‘Asking For A Friend’

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Reality TV Is Warm & Loving…. No, Really…

On this week’s edition of “Asking For A Friend” today, Lauren Conrad sat down with a very good friend of hers from the time Lauren was on “The Hills”, it’s Sophia Rossi, who’s spent a great deal of years as a talent producer before becoming a full fledged TV Producer on “The Hills”, “The City”, “America’s Next Top Model”, and even “Glee”, as well as transition out of the TV business and into entrepreneurship by finding Hello Giggles, which Sophia sold recently for $30 Million after running it for over 8 years.

The most enlightening contrast Sophia revealed about Reality TV and scripted TV are that actors on a sitcom or drama may not be as warm or friendly with you as opposed to being on the production of a Reality TV show, where one, you spend so much time with your cast members without contact with the real world for so many months or years, plus crew members and producers of a Reality TV show can become one’s family and get along real well behind the scenes, Sophia made sure that Lauren was in the loop every time with every situation that happened on “The Hills”.

Now that Hello Giggles is sold, Sophia Rossi is starting a new venture called Hi Note, bringing all kinds of spices one’s life, in an effort to create food memories in one’s minds through spice so one can create better food choices when preparing food for themselves.

And if one wants to start their own business, it’s important that while building your business, that you sustain your old job income as much as possible so the burden of financial worry is not on one’s mind when building a successful business.

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