Meg Donnelly radiated in red at Variety’s Power of Young Hollywood Party

Courtesy: D’Orazio & Associates

Red Sums It Up ❤️

Think of a place where love is in the air, it’s also a place where magic is in the air, but it’s the talent that clears the air all the way, while love and magic are blended in, there’s voice, dance, and acting that keeps the machine well-oiled, that place is Disney, which also spawns onto ABC for this beautiful, talented, and amazing young star named Meg Donnelly, who spreads her eagle on “The Descendants” and “American Housewife”, and made Tuesday an unforgettable night at Variety’s Power Of Young Hollywood Party in Los Angeles, California, donning in L’Dezen by Payal Shah, Le Vian, and Kallati.

With all the features Meg has going for her, especially the red strapless cocktail dress which stands on its own two feet without touching the ground, Meg starts out with L’Dezen by Payal Shah earrings of tear drop earrings nearly matching Meg’s dress.

With Le Vian, you’ll find such beautiful, colorful, and elegant rings like karat gold and silver rings to go with the ruby gems embedded into these beauties that want you to put a ring on it.

Kallati places itself in an infinite position with their ring around the rings of ribbon wrapped colors which are sure to rain upon Meg Donnelly in her striking style all around.

Daniel Quintanilla


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