Negris LeBrum walks the SS20 collection at New York Fashion Week

Courtesy: Negris LeBrum

The Runway Is Our Home

There’s no way that New York Fashion Week is slowing down by all means, it was kicking and hot on Sunday night as Negris LeBrum finally did the catwalk with its spring/ summer 2020 collection, or to be technical with it, the Black Berry Collection 2020.

This season, the brand’s Black Berry Collection represents inclusion and the cultural history of Negris LeBrum.

The term Black Berry is a southern expression, (not referring to the old iconic Black Berry phones from late last decade), it’s often used instead to describe the beauty of a black woman or man.

The foundation of the brand has always been rooted in the Negris love story.

Each collection is defined by the boldness of the color black that reflects the brand slogan: Lenoir est Joli.

Once again, Negris LeBrum embodies the meaning behind its collection, conveying the love story behind Negris LeBrum with its forbidden passion, and its drive to be together.

Daniel Quintanilla


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