Lauren Conrad’s best investments of beauty treatments


You Know You’re Worth It

There’s so much about you that makes you beautiful that it’s not even funny, what’s on the outside, and what’s on the inside, it starts from within for one to appreciate their body features which blossom out in epic proportions when confidence and discovery are realized, the only thing that can harbor that growth is an inch of self-doubt, so investments in ourselves is vital, and we go that extra step to love ourselves even more, Lauren Conrad and crew today talk about their beauty investments which enhance and improve their features that are important to them.

Tessa Scott cherishes airbrush tanning, especially if it’s done professionally, Tessa loves how it blends in with her complexion, and Tessa can avoid getting a tan in the sun, all it takes is 10 minutes for one to spray your entire body top to bottom.

Rachel Rosenbloom has a stunning appreciation for how her eyebrows look, Rachel especially loves full brows via micro blading, the brows make for full and fluffy brows which make all the difference on one’s facial looks.

Ilana Saul was doubtful about laser hair removal, fearing the expense and pain of the process, but Ilana was forever changed not only that it was the complete opposite, but that there’s an 80 percent reduction in hair growth in spots like the bikini area and underarms.

Ilana Saul again chimes in on lash extensions, saying it’s worth the occasional expense for longer and luscious lashes, without the need for any mascara.

And Jessi Burrone is a firm believer in regular hair trims to keep your hair at the look you want it at, plus treatments of deep conditioning occasionally to keep hair healthy all year long.

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