Lauren Conrad births 2nd boy, Charlie Wolf Tell, into the world

Courtesy: Lauren Conrad Instagram

Tell Is Strong

It certainly was a happy day for Lauren Conrad on Wednesday, because Lauren finally gave birth to the newest addition in the Tell household, who’s name is Charlie Tell Wolf, proudly made possible by both Lauren and husband, William Tell, who are sure to keep the Tell name going for a long time now that Lauren has 2 sons, and with the possibility of both Liam and Charlie having children of their own one day.

It can only be described through the use of watercolors, watercolors on canvas that have Lauren holding her second bundle of joy wrapped in boy blue in her arms with William and first-born, Liam, holding a sign saying that it’s a boy, by Lauren’s side, with Lauren’s 2 dogs on opposite ends, with one dog recently adopted, and sadly missing from the watercolor portrait is Chloe, who died not too long ago.

Now that Charlie Wolf Tell has come into the world, Lauren will be taking a few weeks off from to not only recover, but to adjust to a new child in the household, which Lauren can not wait to see how Liam takes on the new role of big brother, but Lauren and her team are all set with content ready to go as the holidays quickly come upon us.

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