Lauren Conrad considers LC Lauren Conrad the original influencer

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For Lauren Conrad, it all started in fall of 2009 when LC Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s arrived on the fashion scene, just months after Lauren left “The Hills”, it would become a turning point in Lauren’s fashion career, and LC Lauren Conrad rose in leaps and bounds, being an influencer of its own as Lauren explained to Glamour today.

Lauren’s destiny for LC Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s was not for it to be just another celebrity brand like other notable celebrities had late last decade and early into the decade that’s about to end in just 2 months, Lauren’s master plan was make LC Kohl’s a brand that grows with Lauren’s audience, start out with the basics like clothing and accessories, then add on bridesmaid collections, maternity editions, and expand onto jewelry, shoes, and bed and bath options, Lauren and Kohl’s have committed LC Lauren Conrad to be an evolution, just like Lauren’s life continues to be a story.

In all of 10 years with LC Lauren Conrad, LC Lauren Conrad has grown on Lauren Conrad herself, turning this labor of love into 42 percent of Kohl’s revenue, which accounts for $19 Billion in annual sales.

From the very beginning, Lauren’s intention for LC Lauren Conrad, and her fashion career was not to work in the entertainment industry, but to stay true to being a fashion designer, enabling Lauren to build a strong partnership with Kohl’s, and branch out into other parts is Lauren Conrad.

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