Kristin Cavallari reaches temporary arrangement with Jay Cutler about children #jaycutler #kristincavallari #divorce

Courtesy: Very Cavallari

Stabilizing The Fire

For the moment, there’s a truce between Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler, E! News today says a temp child custody agreement that allows Kristin to buy a home she’s been looking at since last November, and time split with their children where Kristin and Jay alternate weeks at their current home, which will change when Kristin buys her home where the kids will do the moving alternate weeks.

It’s also said that Kristin will close on her new residence within a month, and Jay will not hole up in the house to avoid cohabiting with Kristin, and this all hopes to make things better between Kristin and Jay once the dust clears.

People also revealed Thursday from sources that Kristin would cry all the time between scenes of “Very Cavallari”, friends say Jay would belittle Kristin, fly off the handle about little things, and Kristin would be miserable over it, Kristin couldn’t take it anymore.

In the ups and downs of Kristin and Jay’s marriage, the only way to save their family and preserve sanity with their 3 children is file for divorce.

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