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Adapting To New Normal

Fashion Frameworks introduced a new webinar today in association with MICAM Americas to talk about the shoe industry as “MICAM Americas Presents Sole Energy”, and realistic and candid look of footwear under the conditions of COVID19 and beyond.

Pivoting is the ultimate trend spreading in every facet of fashion imaginable, footwear is no exception as shoe brands and retailers have put all their resources and capital into virtual, digital, online, and social media in the best way they know how, without hurting their customer base.

Footwear along with clothing have seen dramatic increases in their online sales since COVID19 has forced upon stay-at-home orders nationwide, especially New York, new revenue streams are more vital than ever since brick and mortar stores are closed, and no massive stream of revenue from online sales can make up for the revenue lost from the lack of revenue from going to the store, places that bring a special shopping experience since it’s personal.

Just like with clothing and accessories, footwear has seen sales increase for comfort footwear, shoes needed for going on essential errands or an essential job, and just going about one’s house as people are now choosing to stay home no matter restrictive easing there is, and the fact that COVID19 is still out there.

The biggest fear brands and retailers still have now after several weeks of COVID19 is acceptance, hoping and praying that the normal they use to know will come back overnight, but that’s not possible since nearly 40 million are unemployed, a robust economy won’t be seen for at least 2 years, and treatment and vaccine are yet on the horizon.

No doubt about it, brands and retailers need to be ready to open up their physical stores again once it’s deemed safe by the CDC, and it’s deemed safe by your customer base who will finally see that it’s absolutely 100 percent safe to go out and live life again.

But for now, pivoting to digital, virtual, online, and social media is essential for brands and retailers to survive, not sit around and let their revenue streams get hemorrhaged further, leading to extinction, so now is the time to not treat digital presence as an ugly step child, it’s just like starting a new business, you have to all your time, capital, and resources into it succeeding, and coming out on the other end better than ever even as that COVID19 treatment and vaccine are successful.

And here’s a valuable tip about Instagram from one of the key panel members, just doing in Instagram alone with your pictures and story experiences is not enough, take advantage of IGTV, where you can create videos about your products, and you’ll definite see a jump in your sales, but do it right, and have the right people in place to do it right.

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