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A Woman’s World

Kristin Cavallari spent a little time today catching up on some board games with her kids, one of them is Ms. Monopoly, a female version of the popular classic board game, Monopoly, Kristin points out that men collect less money than women do, no matter the job, or where you land on the board.

At the corner of the board, a woman collects $240, while a man only collects $200, Kristin and children playing are astonished about a woman getting more money than a man does, there’s another case when a woman gets a promotion, they get $150, while a man who does the same job only collects $100.

Kristin has discovered new found freedom as of late, Kristin announced almost a month ago that she is divorcing from her soon-to-be ex-husband, Jay Cutler, after seeing the true colors of Jay.

Sadly, Kristin’s new chapter doesn’t include doing another season of “Very Cavallari”, which Kristin announced on Tuesday that she is pulling the plug on, but was extremely grateful to E! for granting her the adventure.

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