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Today, the Fashion Mingle’s “Mingle Mastermind Group” ended another week in quarantine by shifting gears from brands and retailers pivoting to digital, to freelancers who need to be their own public relations to promote their work with Rebekah Epstein, the founder of fifteen media with this week’s topic “DIY PR: How To Be Your Own Publicist”.

Freelancers who’ve always found ways to get themselves out there in front of other freelance writers and media people to use their work have also been hit very hard by COVID19, and it’s essential for freelancer in fashion, as well as brands and retailers now, be their own publicists, it starts by getting your work out in front of other freelance publicists, writers, and producers at TV stations and networks who don’t just do freelance for one media company.

Many brands and retailers can’t afford a public relations company in their budget to get their products out there, so the next best thing is hire your own PR people to get your products in front of media outlets of all kinds, social media is good, but that’s not the all end solution, you must send emails to contacts you find at one or two media outlets to show off your brand’s products, make sure you send them one great image and be brief with the email, also send a follow up to see if what your sending interest them; it doesn’t always work, but another product may work down the line, and/ or simply find other contacts that do want your product.

If you happen to produce product for a TV network or even local TV stations in your market, it’s a big plus if you’ve got a package of your brand for a specific time of year or dominating the fluff news headlines produced, filmed, written, and ready to go for a producer to grab for their newscasts at a moment’s notice, TV news shows are definitely looking for stories to fill their show very quickly.

The most helpful thing when Freelance Publicists send their brand’s work out to media outlets is do pieces that are catered to a specific time of year like with Father’s Day, The Fourth Of July, Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day and such, and even graduation time.

Even though graduation ceremonies are not taking place due to COVID19, it doesn’t mean that you can’t create graduation specific pieces done at home through Zoom, or create item pieces right out of your home for brands you do public Relations work for to send over to media outlets to use.

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