Fashion Mingle #minglemastermind features Bunny Yan on breaking #COVID19 comfort zone @fashionmingle

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The Left In You

Fashion Mingle’s “Mingle Mastermind Group” was at it again today with a webinar on life under COVID19, today’s guest is Bunny Yan, who founded Left Side Of Fashion, who stresses to brands and retailers that they must get out of their comfort zone and go virtual, as well as learn “How To Sell Your Products With No Resources”.

Bunny wants those still afraid to do things like pivot to virtual, promote, learn about new tools to go digital with your brand or retail, and find out what they’re good at earlier on so they know where they need help to enhance their business with efficiency, product, and boosting sales.

Bunny also wants brands and retailers to make use of their interns, as well as college students who obviously aren’t doing anything right now since COVID19 lockdowns are still in place, find students that not only want to learn, but are good at things like promotions, writing, web development, design, and so forth.

The creative and passionate part of you are important to reveal right now in COVID19, because you don’t wanna be stuck or go back to a position you’re not happy in, but creating that fun side of you must be yielded in times of seriousness when you’re pitching or marketing to others your ideas.

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