Kristin Cavallari ‘Edgy’ with @UncommonJames and #blackbeauty #georgefloyd @KristinCav #UJBABE #kristincavallari #uncommonjames

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Kristin Cavallari turned up the heat today with her new Uncommon James “Edgy” collection, the true resort destination jewelry you’ll want on vacation this year, Kristin also reached out to the black community today with UJ statement earrings and Boss necklaces.

Kristin shows off her new side of Uncommon James by sporting quite the resort pieces like Heat Earrings, Sea Of Cortez Necklace, Animal Necklace, Boss Necklace, Safety Pin Earrings, and so forth.

Kristin transcends Uncommon James onto beautiful black models who proud to call themselves #UJBABES with Bold Earrings founded on geometric built to make wonderful use of space, and the ever-popular Boss Necklace for every girl boss out there.

Kristin was also proud to show off her new favorite pieces from Uncommon James, as well as extend love to the black community with their own feature that models the “Edgy” collection.

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