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The New York Times Events critics and writers, Wesley Morris, and Jenna Wortham, who regularly critique pop culture and the New York theater community, came together again today for a Zoom call titled, “Still Processing: So Y’all Finally Get It”, to address how the country’s feeling after the murder of George Floyd, and the mark Black Lives Matter left on the country.

Both Jenna and Wesley had a one-on-one conversation about the meaning of Black Lives Matter, what it hopes to change about people’s attitudes and feelings toward black people, and inspiring an open dialogue about hundreds of years of racism against blacks.

It was concluded that the struggle of being a black person in this country cannot truly be understood, unless every non-black individual knows what it’s like to be underserved, second class, excluded, have broken down schools with limited education and access, financially strapped, and racially profiled.

The only things needed now, which in last night’s NYT discussion too about Broadway dealing with the climate that it’s in with COVID19 and George Floyd addressed too are education of everyone, education about dealing with racism, addressing the oppression individuals may have encountered by being black, and a care package to reverse the hate and restrictions toward black people.

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