Nick Cordero’s wife: my heart breaks more each day #COVID19 #wakeupnick #broadway

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Hanging Onto Hope

As of today, it is day 77 that Nick Cordero has been in the ICU after battling coronavirus, he’s had COVID19, had his legs amputated from complications of COVID19, and his condition’s on a roller coaster each day, but is awake, blinking his eyes and answering questions asked by his friends and family, including wife, Amanda Kloots, who’s been by his side from day one, but her heart breaks each day as Nick continues to battle the illness post-COVID19.

Amanda confesses she’s gotten emotionless but has not giving up hope on Nick making a full recovery, holding her phone by her side each night, looking up any information and research that comes her way, and calls the hospital at the end of each day to see how Nick’s condition is.

But as Nick and Amanda’s son, Elvis, begins to walk in his walker, and takes a lot of firsts in his tiny little short life so far, Amanda’s heart breaks because Nick cannot fully be there to see all those first happening with little Elvis.

Even though Amanda thought Nick would never get COVID19, and be home recovering if he did, Amanda is still hopeful each day and continues to pray for a miracle.

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