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Raise Your Voice, But Be Informed

Lauren Conrad and her team today stay true to their word in educating themselves, getting information, and listening to others in the matter of black lives and the struggles they’ve endured, Lauren provides plenty of sources that you can refer to in this time of black inclusion.

Heather McGhee is an American political commentator, political strategist, and public policy expert. She designs and promotes solutions to inequality in America, and holds the theory that racism hurts all races.

This IGTV from Trevor Noah of “The Daily Show” discusses the domino effect of the pandemic and resulting economic crisis that led us to where we are right now.

Lauren highly recommends taking 18 minutes out of your day to watch this one.

Watch this movie, which tells the true story Walter McMillian, a Black man who appeals his wrongfully-charged murder conviction with the help of Equal Justice Initiative founder Bryan Stevenson for free this entire month on your preferred streaming service.

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