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Step Away From Crazy

Though, we’ve spent quite awhile in lockdown from the COVID19 pandemic, away from the office, away from friends, away from everyday life, etc, the new normal can still become hectic real quick, so when stepping away from Zoom or homeschooling, Lauren Conrad and her crew today find ways to wind down.

Try Gardening

“I have been spending a little time each day in the vegetable garden we planted a few months ago. It’s been nice to set aside a few minutes to put away my phone and be by myself to clear my mind. Also, we have been enjoying a lot of freshly picked veggies on our plates.” – Lauren

Light All of Your Candles

It sounds simple, but nothing sets a relaxing ambience like a few candles. I love to light all of the ones in my room while I’m writing, watching a show, or reading a book. I love the soothing and cozy atmosphere that comes with it. Ardor Bin, Remedium, and The Little Market are some of my favorite brands to splurge on.” – Kyrena, Editorial Assistant

Drink Hot Lemon Water

“I’ve been drinking hot lemon water every day. It helps protect the immune system, detoxes, promotes healthy digestion, and reduces muscle and joint pain {Edison Institute}. It’s a nice and relaxing way to cleanse a stressed body from the inside out!” – Tessa, Associate Editor

Set Screen Time Limits

“I’ve been setting screen time limits and reminders on my phone so that I can give myself a mental break before I turn in for the night. Whenever the reminders pop up, I know that it’s time to put down my phone and pick up a book or make a cup of tea.”– Jessi, Senior Editor

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