1.3 Million file #unemployment week of July 4 thanks to #COVID19 @USDOL

Courtesy: Pexels

The United States Department Of Labor today once again shared another grim number of individuals out of work thanks the COVID19 pandemic, it’s 1,314,000 who filed for unemployment, 99,000 less than the week before, raising the 14 week jobless number near 52 million.

The number on insured unemployment has decreased considerably from the early days of the pandemic, this week’s numbers are 18,072,000, a far cry from over 20 million in all of May and parts of June thanks to states reopening.

Reopening added 4.8 million jobs for the month of June, but sharp rises in COVID19 cases in almost all of the U.S. could erase that progress, and unemployment figures could go up again, leading to financial catastrophe.

Daniel Quintanilla

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